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Owner and Founder


Hi, my name is Jamii. Others may know me as Carmen, but all that really matters is that I am devoted to bringing love, peace and grounding to all beings and creatures around me. 

I started my Yoga journey when I was pregnant with my Daughter in 2012. After meditating the whole way through my labour and having a beautiful experience, I realised there is something massive about integrating breath, meditation and movement to stressful life situations to help relieve pain and bring ourself back to a loving space within ourself. 

So began my journey of learning to teach yoga and bring it to every person I meet who is struggling with some aspect of life. 

What has amazed me since, is how I have gained huge amounts of control over my anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia and gained as a bi product a healthier, more flexible body with abundant strength (minus all the silly injuries I get from doing silly things when training) 

My body now feels better, heals quicker and my mind is mainly clear of negativity and self doubt. The techniques for this I would love to share with the world.

I now mainly specialise in teaching the theory of yoga along with Pranayama (breath-work), Mediation, and Asana (postures) using a practical day to day practice suitable for all levels to help get anxiety and depression under control, and to help people become stronger healthier and more flexible. 

Alongside my yoga classes I also teach KIZOMBA basics (couple dancing). I am a commercial dancer, choreographer, an internationally known DJ mixologist, amateur/professional photographer, spoken work poet, song writer, hairdresser, jewellery maker, events organiser, amateur web designer, pole dance instructor, trapeze instructor, DJ teacher, dance crew owner (De:fusion) and now the excited OWNER of URBAN SHANTI COMMUNITY STUDIO BOSCOMBE. 

Im here to spread the light of love and help all beings in anyway I can. I hope this community can help you as much as it has helped me.


Hi, I’m Roxanne and I’m the Principal of Raindance School of Performing Arts. I found a love for performing arts at the age of 9. From the minute I walked into the studio I knew I would fall In love with the art.I started teaching when I was 14 and have spent many years learning, watching and understanding the art and theory of dance. I studied a BA in dance at Cardiff University aswel as studying for my DDE In dance teaching and am also a qualified special educational needs teacher, personal trainer and nutritionist. I believe it is important to understand how the body works and moves. It’s more than just learning steps. I am extremely passionate about running a completely inclusive school and I believe every child learns differently.My vision is to have a thriving school with an environment that enables children and young people to learn to love themselves, develop their passion in a safe environment and write their own positive story.If I can go home knowing I have helped one child achieve something, or believe that little bit more in themselves, I know I’m doing my job.


In 2015 my kidneys failed and when I was taken into hospital they were just about functioning at 6 % and have never returned to full capacity. The amazing thing is I didnt have dialysis and my kidney function returned to 45% unheard of apparently. I am a success story I am told by the Renal team. As you can imagine this really changed my life. It’s a long story and I do not want to bore everyone with the details. I decided I wasn’t going to let this effect my future and started to learn about Shamanism and the drum . My kidneys went up to £56 % again unheard of. It has changed my life together with all the knowledge I have been taught and handed down . I now am very passionate in passing my knowledge on to help people come together and give them the tools to be able to heal themselves.
My class is based around the Shamanic drum , voicework and journey which is a bit like meditation used for centuries by an ancient Shaman practice. 
This is what I am truly passionate about and living proof that it works.  
In the class we will come together to drum , chant and heal . Getting rid of blockages that may have been holding you back for years. 
No experience necessary for this practice. Not only is it healing it’s fun and I will guarantee will lift your vibration if you allow it .
Look forward to meeting you. 


Kat Love yoga journey started when she was 6, but didn’t fully develop till her late twenties. After completing her RYS 500 training in India in 2019, she started to teach Hatha and Yin yoga to women, as well as chair yoga, with a strong focus on monthly and life cycles. She’s using yoga, pranayama, affirmations and creative visualisation as some of her tools to build the ability to fully love and accept herself. She is on a mission to bring this knowledge to other women and empower them by helping women everywhere, to create healthy, nurturing and loving habits.

This class is focused on a gentle pace and precise approach to postures, designed to increase mobility, balance and strength. It uses postures and stretches combined with the breath while holding the poses to develop proper alignment and flexibility. You will beguided in and out of each pose and encouraged to work with your body and mind, to find a balance between ease and personal challenge. Relax your mind, reduce stress and bring more self-love and acceptance to your life. We will use positive affirmationsand end each session with relaxation and creative visualization. Perfect for beginners but experienced students who want a slower-paced class are welcome.

Są to zajęcia, które koncentrują się na łagodnym tempie i powolnym oraz precyzyjnym wykonaniu każdej asany, wyrównywaniu asymetrii w ciele i pracy z oddechem. Wolne tempo pomaga w wyciszeniu umysłu. Podczas ćwiczeń, używamy pomocnych akcesoriów, jak klocki i paski, które stanowią wsparcie dla osób cierpiących z powodu różnych dolegliwości. Regularne treningi przyczynią się do poprawy pracy układu krwionośnego, hormonalnego, immunologicznego i pokarmowego. Można zauważyć również rozwinięcie równowagi, zdolności koncentracji i pozbyć się dolegliwości związanych z kręgosłupem. Rozluźnij umysł, zmniejsz stres i wprowadź więcej miłości oraz akceptacji do swojego życia. Zajęcia są idealne dla początkujących oraz dla doświadczonych joginów, którzy potrzebują łagodnego tempa.

6.00pm – 7.00pm

Hatha Yoga Self Love For Woman


Drop in  £7

Kat Love Membership – 4 classes for £20 




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